Eveoh aims to makes MyTimetable as accessible as possible following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard

Register of accessibility issues

An up to date register of accessibility issues is available at https://eveoh.sharepoint.com/:x:/s/development/EQt9kBxL35BBpFUJDJYumhABU5vrEmiFhUj93yD7FKAWNw?e=7voAYL.

Accessibility statement

MyTimetable contains a generic accessibility statement. An example can be found at https://demo.eveoh.nl/accessibility.

Customers are responsible for providing a full accessibility statement, if local legislation requires this. Eveoh is not able to provide a full accessibility statement due to differences in local requirements.

A link can be configured to a full accessibility statement. Please contact support for more information.

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