A Blackboard building block, providing a list of upcoming activities of the authenticated user, is available through our GitHub page. Please refer to the following links:

The building block shows a list of upcoming events of the logged in user, and provides a link to the full MyTimetable interface:

Blackboard import

One of the features of the building block, is the ability for a user to fetch his or her list of courses from Blackboard, and match it with the modules available in your timetabling system. The exact configuration of this integration is customer-specific; the only settings of importance to MyTimetable administrators are the Blackboard service URL and the API token to use, specified in the Tomcat Context configuration file:

<!-- This should point to the enrollmentsForUser service in the Blackboard building block, the 'bb_bb60' string depends on your Blackboard virtual instance ID -->
<Environment name="scheduleviewer/server/BlackboardTimetableSuggestionStrategy/EnrollmentsServiceUrl" value="https://your_blackboard_host/webapps/evh-mytimetable-b2-bb_bb60/enrollmentsForUser" type="java.lang.String" />
<!-- This should be the same API token as configured in the Blackboard building block -->
<Environment name="scheduleviewer/server/BlackboardTimetableSuggestionStrategy/ApiToken" value="YOUR-API-TOKEN" type="java.lang.String" />




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