The following settings should be included in the MyTimetable properties file ($tomcat/mytimetable/config) to configure the LDAP authenticator. Please be aware that some settings are optional.

# Activate the LDAP profile (this is the default setting of MyTimetable)
# Use auth-ldap,ec when using Exchange/O365/GCal push-sync = auth-ldap
# URL and DC of the LDAP server. Multiple servers can be specified separated by a space, ldaps:// is also possible
ldap.provider_url = ldap://,dc=eveoh,dc=nl
# User DN and password of an administrative account which is used to find the user DN and to retrieve the groups of a user
ldap.manager_dn = uid=ldaptest1,ou=Users,dc=dev,dc=eveoh,dc=nl
ldap.manager_password = password
# LDAP filter used to find a user DN
ldap.user_search_filter = (uid={0})
# LDAP search base used to find a user DN, optional, empty by default 
ldap.user_search_base = 
# LDAP settings to retrieve user groups for role-based access control, all optional
# Search base for the group, if @null the groups will not be retrieved
ldap.group_search_base = @null
# Group object attribute to use as the name of the group/role
ldap.group_role_attribute = cn
# Filter used to retrieve user groups
ldap.group_search_filter = (uniqueMember={0})
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