MyTimetable 3.5 is currently in the state: deprecatedNo further development is expected except for critical bug fixes. MyTimetable 3.5 is tracked using the git branch rb-3.5.

MyTimetable 3.5 contains some small additions and fixes for various customer scenarios. Customers should examine their incoming links to specific timetables in MyTimetable and replace them by the new format, where applicable.

All work involved in upgrading to the latest MyTimetable version (configuration, building, testing) is free of charge for our customers with a Software Assurance or All-In support agreement.

Functional changes

  • Timetable suggestions based on BrightSpace enrolments — MyTimetable can read the user's enrollments from the BrightSpace (D2L) LMS API and use them to automatically add module timetables or provide suggestions to the user.
  • New /link endpoint — This new endpoint makes it possible to create incoming links to multiple timetables of various types. Documentation is available on our wiki.
  • Exam Scheduler data provider: add location timetables — Timetables for exam locations can now be shown in the MyTimetable location view.
  • Exam Scheduler data provider: add 'exam requirement'-based timetables — For customers timetables 'plain' exam requirements in Exam Scheduler (i.e., students and modules are not in Exam Scheduler) it is now possible to show exam timetables based on the exam requirement objects.
  • Office 365 push synchronisation: allow disabling reminders — A setting has been added to enable or disable setting reminders in the Office 365 push synchronisation. This is a global, instance-wide setting and applies to all users. In the future, an option will be added allowing the customer to choose their reminder preferences.
  • Publication rules: add relative start/end date condition — A condition matching the start- or end-date of the event, relative to the current time, has been added to the publication rules panel.
  • API: expose custom attributes of events — The API has been updated to include any custom attributes of events.

Non-functional, technical and back-end changes

The following changes have been made to the MyTimetable backend and underlying software, and have no direct impact on MyTimetable functionality:

  • Various improvements and bug fixes in the Office 365 push synchronisation event comparison algorithm. This should make the synchronisation somewhat faster.
  • Dependency upgrades:
    • Gradle (2.4.1)
    • iCal4j (2.0.5)
    • HikariCP (2.7.2)
    • Flyway (4.2.0)
    • MySQL Connector/J (5.1.44)
    • JGroups (4.0.7)
    • Infinispan (9.1.1)
    • Jackson (2.9.1)
    • ActiveMQ (5.15.1)
    • JNA (4.5.0)
    • Apache POI (3.17)
    • Mockito (2.10.0)
    • Guava (23.1)
    • OpenCSV (4.0)
    • Apache CXF (3.1.13)
    • Gretty (2.0.0)
    • Spring (4.3.12)
    • Spring Integration (4.3.12)

Removed and deprecated features

The following features from earlier MyTimetable versions have been deprecated, removed, or partially removed and are not supported anymore:

  • Removed the old /Moduleviewer.jsp URL. As far as we know, this was no longer in use at any customer site.
  • The old format URLs to link to a timetable (starting with /module) have been deprecated. Support will not be removed any time soon, to prevent breakage of existing incoming links to the application.
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