MyTimetable 3.8 is currently in the state: deprecatedNo further development is expected except for critical bug fixes. MyTimetable 3.8 is tracked using the git branch rb-3.8.

MyTimetable 3.8 includes various small changes necessary for use cases of specific customers and some bug fixes.

All work involved in upgrading to the latest MyTimetable version (configuration, building, testing) is free of charge for our customers with a Software Assurance or All-In support agreement.

Functional changes

  • Publication rules: authenticated condition added — A condition that checks if the user is authenticated was added to the publication rule engine.
  • Publication rules: set recorded action added — An action that sets the recording state of an event was added to the publication rule engine.
  • Publication rules: remove links action added — An action that removes one or more links from an event was added to the publication rule engine.
  • Publication rules: adjust start/end time action added — An action that sets the start or end time of an activity (to a certain value, or moving the existing value forward or backward) was added to the publication rule engine.
  • Publication rules: grouping added — The conditions and actions list of the publication rule engine is now grouped, to make it clearer what item the condition or action is working on.
  • Office 365 and iCalendar feed changes — The Office 365 and iCalendar feed options now show instruction to add the feed manually. This was done because the automatic addition of feeds does not work reliably.
  • Student set link — A student set name can now be hyperlinked, based on information coming from Syllabus Plus.
  • Exam Scheduler: custom attributes — The Exam Scheduler data provider can now add custom attributes to events, making it possible to show additional information fields in the timetable.
  • Help fixes — Various parts of the help page were rewritten or optimised.
  • Audit log enhancements — More actions are now logged in the audit log (e.g., user profile view, API token creation, publication rule adjustments) and the audit log also shows information about the API user making a request (where applicable).
  • Many other small bug fixes were also included in this release.

Non-functional, technical and back-end changes

The following changes have been made to the MyTimetable backend and underlying software, and have no direct impact on MyTimetable functionality:

  • P3P header removed — The P3P HTTP header was removed as it is very deprecated and not really useful anymore.
  • ICalendar username rewrite — It is now possible to rewrite usernames in incoming iCalendar feed requests. This makes it possible to migrate to a different user name schema (e.g., user@domain instead of domain\user) without losing existing iCalendar connections.

Removed and deprecated features

The following features from earlier MyTimetable versions have been deprecated, removed, or partially removed and are not supported anymore:

  • None.
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