This page lists the changes up to MyTimetable 2.0 and was migrated from the old CHANGELOG file.


  • ENHANCEMENT: using EventDTO's throughout the application (except for the iCal exporter)
  • FEATURE: added searching in activities to Overview page
  • BUGFIX: off-by-one error when exporting a daterange
  • BUGFIX: removed superfluous borders in PDFGraphicExporter
  • ENHANCEMENT: updated jQuery to v1.7.1
  • ENHANCEMENT: try a configuration every 5 seconds if the application is unconfigured (after DB outage)
  • BUGFIX: fix display of calendargrid start/end time when in Amsterdam timezone
  • ENHANCEMENT: do not check studentsets when adding a module, if option to choose studentsets is disabled
  • BUGFIX: do not show option to choose studentsets when adding pos, if that option is disabled
  • FEATURE: implemented searching in activities in profile
  • ENHANCEMENT: update FAQ with iCal update interval info
  • BUGFIX: show zoneviewer when adding a location or zone from moduleviewer
  • ENHANCEMENT: lock requests on session, so there are no concurrency issues
  • BUGFIX: don't show loading indicator if backspace is pressed in module search


  • FEATURE: added option to use the activity type list from the ERDB instead of a grouped list
  • ENHANCEMENT: Add all subscriptions to PDF header, limiting the header to the page width
  • FEATURE: added Overview page, showing lists of all timetable types


  • FEATURE: added ability to get activity type colour from database
  • FEATURE: added dot with activity type colour in list view (when colour comes from interface)
  • FEATURE: added export option to individual/module timetable viewer
  • FEATURE: added export option to export separate subscriptions to iCal
  • FEATURE: Individual timetables can now be viewed separately from the personal profile
  • ENHANCEMENT: Do not include all system properties in configuration
  • ENHANCEMENT: Sort studentset / location / staff members in output
  • ENHANCEMENT: Generalise subscription count exceeded message
  • BUGFIX: Do not add part of the subscriptions if the max count is exceeded


  • FEATURE: multiple select/add for student sets added
  • FEATURE: include title in PDF export (when only 1 subscription was added)
  • ENHANCEMENT: use ClientBundle for CSS, images and Javascript, saves on HTTP requests
  • BUGFIX: change schedule_ to timetable_ in filenames of export, better English
  • BUGFIX: use Chromeframe when possible, to circumvent issue when Chromeframe is installed

1.7.0 and earlier

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