Release notes for MyTimetable, MyTimetable External Calendaring (EC) and Echo are available as subpages of this page. A page is available per year. MyTimetable uses a semi-continuous release process, where we release as often as necessary to accomodate our customers. Same goes for Echo, the notification component of MyTimetable, and MyTimetable EC, the component that handles push-based synchronizations.

When upgrading customers to new versions, we will always upgrade the customer to the latest version. Development always happens on the latest version. This is a change from our previous release process, where we supported multiple branches of our software at the same time. This led to complex support and upgrade processes that we want to avoid with this new model.

The release notes only contain a very short summary of every change. For major new features or important changes, a link to a separate blog post will be available in the release notes.

Please note that every customer instance is unique: not all features are used by all customers. If you feel a certain feature is missing from your instance but could be useful for your institution, please contact our support department.

Release notes by year

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