First, we need to register a new app in Azure AD, using the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.

  1. Visit the Microsoft Azure Management Portal at, using the credential of your Microsoft tenant that has the subscription to Office 365 you wish to use.
  2. Go to "Azure Activity Directory". 
  3. In the menu, click "App registrations".
  4. Click "New registration".
  5. Enter the Name of the application (e.g. MyTimetable-prod).
  6. Select 'Accounts in this organizational directory only' as we currently only support single tenant apps.
  7. Enter https://<your-mytimetable-site>/schedule?zoneview=0&ec_type=o365 as Redirect URI, replacing <your-mytimetable-site> with the appropriate value.
  8. Click "Register".

  9. Copy the Application (client) ID of the registered app. You will need to provide this to Eveoh or will require it yourself when setting up the application in an on-premises scenario.

  10. In order to enable service-to-service calls, a X.509 certificate needs to be configured and uploaded to Azure. Back in the Azure Management Portal, click "Certificates & secrets".
  11. Choose "Upload certificate".
  12. Upload the "cert.pem" file you got from Eveoh (SaaS) or generated using the steps outlined on On-premises: creating a certificate (on-premises).
  13. Click "Add"
  14. The key should now be visible under "Public Keys".

  15. Continue with the next step appropriate for your authorization scenario, as outlined on Configuring Microsoft Graph REST API access.

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