See Software packages and download locations for the download locations of the Oracle JRE and Apache Tomcat.

Java Runtime Environment

MyTimetable is a Java Enterprise application and thus needs a Java Runtime Environment. In this step, the AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime Environment will be installed.

We currently recommend using Adoptium/Eclipse Temurin. Version 8 for MyTimetable 2019.15 and older, and version 11 for MyTimetable 2019.16 and newer.

Installing the Java Runtime Environment

  • Login as local administrator on the server.
  • Download the correct Java Runtime Environment.
  • Unzip the JRE to a folder on the server.

Apache Tomcat

Next to a Java Runtime Environment, a web server is needed to serve MyTimetable. For this, Apache Tomcat is used. Documentation for Tomcat 9.0 can be found at

In this step, Apache Tomcat 9.0 will be installed as a Windows service.

By default, Tomcat will be installed in the C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\ folder. In the next steps of this manual, we will refer to this folder using $tomcat. Please keep this in mind when you install Tomcat to a non-default location!

Installing Apache Tomcat

  • Login as local administrator on the server.
  • Download the Apache Tomcat installer as specified in the 'Files required' section. Run the installer to start the installation proces.
  • Make sure you select the following components during the installation process

  • You may leave the port numbers at their default settings.

  • Choose the folder where you unzipped the JRE (the extracted folder).

  • Leave the Destination Folder at the default setting and click Next.

  • When the installation is finished, the Tomcat service should have been automatically started. When visiting http://localhost:8080, a welcome page should be served: