The following parameters can be used when linking to the MyTimetable personal timetable view at /schedule:

Parameter nameParameter meaning
requireLogintrue to require the user to login.

Selects the view to display, one of the following values:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • list
  • list_location
  • availability
localeLocale to use, short 2 letter notation (en, nl).
exportSubscriptionListtrue to enable the export of the list of subscriptions by default.
startdateDate to start the calendar at, format yyyy-MM-dd.
zoneviewtrue to show the location view.

Chooses the concurrency highlighting option in the list view: (MyTimetable 3.1+)

  • normal (no highlighting)
  • highlight (highlight concurrency)
  • filter (only show concurrent activities)

true to ignore concurrency within the same course/module (MyTimetable 3.1+).


Host key of the term or named availability to pre-select in the list view (MyTimetable 3.1+).

Prefix with <dataSource name>: to select the term of a specific source.

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