Please note that this behaviour is deprecated and may be removed at any time. New integrations should use the information on Specific timetable (desktop) (deprecated, MTT <3.5) and existing integrations should switch over to that format.

To link to a certain timetable directly (the 'module view'), to use the following arguments when linking to <MyTimetable root URL>/module?:

Parameter nameParameter meaning
typeThe type of timetable(s) to display. A full list of types can be found in the API documentation at API Documentation. Only 1 type is supported and this type will be used for all specified id's.
idThe unique identifier of the timetable to display. Can be specified multiple times to show multiple timetables, or 0 times when hostKeys are used.
hostKeyThe hostKey of the timetable to display. Can be specified multiple times to show multiple timetables, or 0 times when ids are used. Can optionally include one or more 'option host keys' (studentset/pos host keys), by appending them using an exclamation mark as separator.

true to enable the 'show personal timetable' option by default (requireLogin should be true or login should be required by default for this to work).

dIdentifies the database to search. In case of a search on host key this parameter can contain the uniting group key. In case of a search on id this parameter identifies the merging group key. If no value is specified it defaults to a search of all data sources (for host key searches) or the first data source (for id searches).
ignoreEmptytrue to skip any messages about timetables that have not been scheduled.
requireLogintrue to require the user to login.

Selects the view to display, one of the following values:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • list
  • list_location
  • availability
localeLocale to use, short 2 letter notation (en, nl).
exportSubscriptionListtrue to enable the export of the list of subscriptions by default.
startdateDate to start the calendar at, format yyyy-MM-dd.
zoneviewtrue to show the location view.

Chooses the concurrency highlighting option in the list view: (MyTimetable 3.1+)

  • normal (no highlighting)
  • highlight (highlight concurrency)
  • filter (only show concurrent activities)

true to ignore concurrency within the same course/module (MyTimetable 3.1+).


Host key of the term or named availability to pre-select in the list view (MyTimetable 3.1+).

Prefix with <dataSource name>: to select the term of a specific source.

Some examples:

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