It is recommended to backup the following to be able to recover when needed:

  1. Tomcat config folder (by default C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\conf)
  2. MyTimetable folder (by default C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\mytimetable)
  3. External calendaring config folders (mytimetable-ec-producer\config and mytimetable-ec-consumer\config) (when using the push synchronisation)
  4. User preferences database (Microsoft SQL backup)
  5. Synchronisation database (Microsoft SQL backup) (when using the push synchronisation)


To recover the user preferences database, simply restore a suitable backup. The Tomcat service for MyTimetable needs to be stopped in order to be able to restore the backup.

To recover from system failure using a clean Windows installation:

  1. Re-install Oracle Java and Apache Tomcat, see: Step 1: Installing the Java Runtime Environment and Apache Tomcat. This makes sure Tomcat is also installed as a service.
  2. Stop the Tomcat service, if it is running.
  3. Overwrite the Tomcat folder with the backup. This folder contains all configuration files and the MyTimetable application.
  4. Re-apply the Windows firewall rules, see: Step 2: Configuring the Windows Firewall.
  5. Start the Tomcat service.
  6. When using the push synchronisation: restore the synchronisation database and reinstall ActiveMQ, mytimetable-ec-producer and mytimetable-ec-producer. See Push integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps for Education.

Backup unavailable

If, for some reason, your backup is unavailable, your users will have to recreate their settings. This concerns the following settings:

  • Users will have to re-add their personal timetables to their profile (selecting modules, groups, et cetera).
  • iCalendar connections will have to be recreated.
  • Push synchronisations will have to be recreated. This may lead to duplicate entries in the user's calendars. They can manually delete the old entries, or ask an administrator to perform a 'Clean up calendar' from the MyTimetable administrative panel.


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