To upgrade to a new minor version of Tomcat (e.g., 9.0.a → 9.0.b), please undertake the following steps:

  1. Download the latest supported version of Tomcat. See Software packages and download locations for the exact version and location. For Windows, download the 'Windows upgrade' package.
  2. Stop the Apache Tomcat service.
  3. Overwrite the contents of the Tomcat bin folder with the contents from the bin directory in the archive.
  4. Remove the existing contents of the Tomcat lib folder.
  5. Add the contents of the lib directory in the archive to the Tomcat lib folder.
  6. Optionally (Windows): update the Tomcat version number in the service description by running bin\Tomcat8w.exe and updating the version number.
  7. Start the Apache Tomcat service.

For major upgrades of Tomcat, please perform a 'fresh' install of Tomcat and remove the old Tomcat installation afterwards.

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