MyTimetable supports Zimbra Preauth in order to provide users with a single sign-on experience. LDAP will be used to fetch user details, thus it is required to use the LDAP authenticator (or at least to specify its settings). The preauth listener is attached to the /preauth URL of your MyTimetable installation. The following settings can be set for the preauth listener:

<!-- Activate the Zimbra and LDAP profile -->
<Parameter name="" value="auth-ldap,auth-zimbra,mobile" override="false"/>
<!-- Preauth secret to use -->
<Environment name="scheduleviewer/server/preauth/key" value="MY-SECRET" type="java.lang.String" />
<!-- Url to redirect to when authentication is successful -->
<Environment name="scheduleviewer/server/preauth/redirurl" value="https://yourmytimetableinstall" type="java.lang.String" />